Mammoth Cave National Park

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Hiking in Mammoth Cave National Park can be a fun and rewarding experience as in other national parks. It is a great way to both see and experience the park. Mammoth Cave, as its name suggests, is the world's most extensive cave system, with 300 miles of passages that are known and more that have not been explored. Located in central Kentucky, this subterranean phenomenon was created more than several million years ago as water worked its way through limestone deposits, dissolving the rock and carving underground passageways to connect with the nearby river. Over the ages, the water table slowly dropped leaving narrow horizontal tunnels, broad caverns and giant vertical shafts linked in a many-leveled labyrinth. The lower passage ways are still being enlarged by streams and rivers. Water seeping into the cave creates stalactites, stalagmites and white gypsum crystal formations that decorate some of the passages and rooms. Rare and unusual animals, such as blind fish and colorless spiders, demonstrate adaptation to the absolute blackness and isolation. Having evolved over millennia, 50 species of cave creatures are now threatened by pollutants that are entering the cave system from today's water supply. Mammoth Cave is an incredible natural phenomenon that continues to challenge humankind. (Inscribed in 1981)


Michael Sampson

Friday, March 24, 2017

A wonderful national Park with some exciting walks through a large cave. There are several tours that you can take and different tours are available during different seasons. Some tours are easy some are very strenuous with lots of stairs. The Frozen Niagara is the showcase of the cave and be sure to take the stairs to the bottom. There are many trails and campsites and they do offer wild caving for the more adventurous type.

Beth Pethalsky

Monday, Feb. 27, 2017

Bike and Hike trail is great for running, walking and biking. The path is small gravel and compacted very well. I have taken my city commuter bike on this trail many times without issue. There are some steep hills that I had to push my bike up or down but it was worth it. The cave tours are amazing and great for all ages, just be sure to read the description of the trail to make sure you are physically able to complete the tour because some tours have lots of stairs. There is also a hotel, cabins and campground near the visitors center that make those sunrise hikes easier to accomplish.

Nick Jarvis

Monday, Feb. 13, 2017

An awesome experience. We did the 6 hour wild cave tour and had a blast! Definitely hard, but manageable. Our group became pretty close and the guide were knowledgeable, friendly, and were great at keeping us moving while still showing us awesome sights. Would love to come back and do it again!

Dilu Namaratne

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Great experience and enjoyed the tours inside the caves. It was nice to see the wonders of mother nature. The guide was very informative too. Make sure you wear a sweater as the caves may get a bit cold

Jeff Wallace

Saturday, Dec. 31, 2016

Beautiful National Park files with wonders for all ages. The cafe tour took about 2 hours and was a blast for everyone from kids to adults. While the walk is very well defined with stainless steel stairs and railings, there are some fairly tight and challenging sections. Temperature is always 54 and comfortable. The park rangers were very helpful, entertaining and informative. Definitely worth the drive!