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Fantasy World Caverns

Fantasy World Caverns
125 Cave Drive

Fantasy World Caverns has a wide variety of formations including Helectites, Helegmites, Soda Straws, Flowstone, Dripstone, Drapolite, all are different types of Onyx, formations. Fantasy World Caverns, also contains unsurpassed Spongework & Stromatolite fossils.  Onyx Falls, Onyx Circle, Moonshiner's Dam, Boulder Pass, and the Bear Bed's are some of the favorite features. More than 90% of the tours of Fantasy World Caverns, are given by myself Curtis/Caveman.  My tour time averages 75 minutes. I have a very good knowledge of geology, speleology, hydrology and of the history of this cave. There are no stoop ways or squeezes. I have been told many times that "this is my favorite cave" & "this is the best cave I've ever been to" I think a lot of why people like it so much is the way it winds around, the large variety of different formations and features. Also the relaxed (take your time) way that we tour.

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