Niagara Cave

29842 County Road 30

About Us:

Niagara Cave is one of the most fascinating and unique geological attractions in the United States. In fact, it has been rated one of the top ten caves in the United States by many outdoor activity rating sites! During the one-hour, one mile, guided tour visitors will witness an underground stream leading to a waterfall nearly 60 feet high, stalactites both delicate and massive, calcite flowstone, several fossils that have been dated to over 400 million years old, and a wedding chapel in which over 400 weddings have been performed, plus much, much more.

Niagara cave is a constant 48 degrees year around, so a light jacket or sweatshirt is suggested.

Proper walking shoes are required, (flip flops and Crocs are not recommended) High heels and bare feet are not allowed .

Also, because there are several sets of stairs on the cave tour wheelchairs and strollers can not be used on the tour. However, the gift shop is wheelchair accessible.

If you have a heart condition, have difficulty taking stairs, have severe asthma, or any condition that may hinder your ability to walk one mile and descend and climb a total of 250 stairs in a cave environment with high humidity, we do not recommend that you take the tour.


Chris Bostdorff

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Definitely a jewel hidden in the outskirts of Minnesota. The tour was amazing, the guide very helpful and knowledgeable as well. How they manage to walk those stairs multiple times a day is jaw dropping. Great experience for any ages, can be young or old to appreciate nature-made wonders.


Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017

Very "cool" wear a jacket. It a very beautiful cave and well worth the price is admission

Anna Knish

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Easy to find. Affordable, clean, professional, very knowledgeable staff. Enjoyed the tour! Can't wait to take the rest of my family at an older age. Nice gift shop with enough small, affordable items for children. Mini golf on site. Picnic shelter with plenty of tables. Small play ground with equipment. Great for a well planned trip with packed lunches. There is also a great place to eat just down the road in Harmony called On The Crunchy Side.

Thai Bin Thai Thai

Saturday, April 1, 2017

I would recommend visiting this cave .. Ask about the dates of the visit

Melissa Parrish

Tuesday, Sep. 6, 2016

There's about an hour tour through the caves led by a guide. They do warn if you are not good with confined spaces or stairs, not to go; this is for good reason. The trails in the cave get quite narrow in parts. There's also about 250 stairs to go up and down. The most you do at once is about 100, which are as you are going back up to the top. Be prepared also with a jacket, as the cave temps are less that 50 degrees. Also be sure to have shoes with good traction, and ok to get dirty. The trails in the cave are wet and slightly muddy (enough to splash up on pants). The formations in the cave are very cool. The waterfall you can only see from the top but very nice as well.