Secret Caverns

671 Caverns Road

Nestled in the hallowed halls of hollow earth, Secret Caverns is a small commercial cavern located in upstate New York. Founded by local civil engineer Roger Mallery, the caverns have hosted Americas roadside travellers and seekers of subterranean knowledge and adventure since its discovery by intrepid bovine explorers in 1928.

Deep underneath the soil we tread as we move on about our daily lives there can be found mysterious halls carved by the patient and unerring hand of time. Although many or perhaps even the majority of such silent places have yet to be viewed by human eyes, there are a few whose veils have been lifted and their secrets revealed. Secret Caverns is just such a place.


Nate Speer

Monday, Oct. 9, 2017

Incredibly accommodating and very cool place. 50 degrees down there so dress appropriately or pack some extra clothes. Took the family which ranges from a 6 month old to a 7 year old. All handled it very well. The waterfall at the end of the cave is spectacular and brings quite the gust of wind with it. Recommend to anyone.

Ellie B

Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017

I don't remember what I was expecting when we first came here, but this place turned out to be an incredible gem! The tour is a little bit pricey, but well-worth it! This is unlike any other cave tour I've been on--you are welcome to touch anything and the tour guides are especially entertaining and quirky! If Kevin is there, I highly recommend taking a tour with him! But regardless, a visit here is so worth your time!!

Eric McEntee

Saturday, Sep. 16, 2017

It's cheaper than Howe caverns, but other than the waterfall there isn't much to see. It's about 100 steps down, a fairly straight path and then the waterfall. A few interesting spots, but this is not a preservation cave. They encourage touching which is great, but they even said chunks were removed for display at Howe. Staff was nice, but for the $ I left feeling like it wasn't worth it.

Andrew Keefe

Sunday, July 2, 2017

This is a very cool place to visit. We brought our 3.5 year old and our 4 month old and both enjoyed it, as did we. The price is reasonable, and our tour guide was very helpful and knowledgeable. This is the only cavern in the area that let's you touch the formations, and the water fall at the end is very unique and cool. We packed sweatshirts and put them on halfway through. The air and ground were very wet, but we didn't get that wet ourselves. The stairs were easy enough.

Icon Gate Entertainment

Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2017

A lot smaller than Howe Caverns but in its own way so much better!! Make sure you also visit Secret Caverns if stopping at the other one you wont be disappointed. It's about 150 or so steps to get down to the cave (and the same amount of steps to get back haha) no elevator here. Definitely recommended place for a fun visit!!